The AC501 is currently the best value-for-money professional accordion microphone in the market, as it combines the quality and innovation developed by HARMONIK® with excellent performance microphones.

High-Fidelity Electonics:

        The conditioning circuit of the AC501-HQ microphones utilizes electonic components and amplifiers with the lowest noise, with high precision and low harmonic distortion, producing excellent sound fidelity. The production of the AC501-HQ uses the latest electronic manufacturing processes, which ensure a product of high quality and a finishing touch.

Uniform Sound Capture:

        With five directional microphones for the right hand and one omnidirectional microphone for the bass, this system is able to capture the full extension of keys at the same level, from the lowest to the highest notes.

High Feedback Resistance:

        The AC501-HQ is a system with high feedback resistance, as the combination of its directional microphones with high fidelity electronics enable the system to ignore external sound up to 10dB.

Applied Innovation:

        Harmonik has developed a unique Shock-Mount® system for its microphones, which mechanically isolates the microphones in the body of the accordion, absorbing the mechanical vibrations that are produced whilst playing. This results in a much clearer and more natural sound.
*Patent required.


        The AC501-HQ system uses a Neutrik® jack, which guarantees the musician the best electrical contact the moment the cable is plugged in. The high quality, sealed potentiometers prevent any dust particles from entering into the electrical contacts, guaranteeing a longer volume control circuit life. In addition, the AC501-HQ uses the highest-standard locking connectors, ensuring the best connection quality.

Versatility and Invisibility:

        This system possesses the versatility to be adapted to accordions of any size – from 8 to 120 buttons, keyboard or button based, diatonic or chromatic. The AC501-HQ has no need for external circuits in order to work, simply requiring a P10 mono cable. No need for phantom power – just plug and play!
*Stereo output on demand.

Easy installation:

        No need to worry about installation problems, as the AC501-HQ comes with cables and adapters that are easy to use and replace, on top of their intuitive layout. Search for a distributor around your area to install yours.

Technical Specifications:

Keyboard Microphones:

Polar pattern: Cardioid (directional).
Frequency response: 70Hz 20kHz ±3 dB.
Signal/noise ratio: 56 dB at 1 kHz.
Maximum sound pressure: 130 dB S.P.L.

Bass Microphone:

Polar pattern: Omnidirectional.
Frequency response: 50Hz 20kHz ±3 dB.
Signal/noise ratio: 60 dB at 1 kHz.
Maximum sound pressure: 122 dB S.P.L.

Output connector: P10 Mono (Stereo output on demand).

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